Access Control Systems

The range of access control systems starts with simple key pad and magnetic stripe locking devices progressing up to sophisticated software database-driven systems used over local and wide area networks.

why access controls?

Features & Benefits

Security Integration System - Building Entrance Controls

Reduce Unauthorized Access

Eliminate keys that can be duplicated and leave a business vulnerable to unauthorized access. An access control system will require a key card or input of a PIN, ensuring the appropriate individuals have access to each area of your business.

Improve the Ease of Access

Once you set the authorization level for each employee, the management can allow a more flexible work schedule, and employees gain the freedom to get their work done as they need to. At the same time, companies gain full visibility of who comes and goes and utilize management dashboards to monitor and manage employee activity.

Reduce Costs & Energy Usage

Evaluate entries and exits of the areas and fully understand where cost efficiencies are warranted reducing heating or cooling expenses. Door control links to supporting systems providing complete reports allowing you to strategically reduce expenses.

Respond Quickly & Safely

In real-time, access control systems can verify the identity of people and things and restrict or change access in response to an emergency. This system will often require a two-factor verification to protect the company in an unfortunate situation.

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Access Control

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How Does an Access Control System Work?
Access control systems are electronic systems that provide flexible security options to manage access to a premise, both external and internal locations. The system authenticates and authorizes individual identity by key cards, code, biometrics, mobile apps, and other credentials.
How is an Access Control System Better than using Keys?

Traditional keys can be easily replicated leaving a company vulnerable to unauthorized visitors. When an employee leaves, your only option is to incur the expense of replacing the locks. This system will eliminate that cost and allow for more stringent security with varying levels of access.

Can Access Control Systems Help Your Company Save Money?

Yes. The ACS provides a comprehensive monitoring system allowing companies to hone in on ways to reduce energy usage and manage employee scheduling. Additionally, you no longer have to pay for security personnel or the replacement of expensive locks.

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