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As door security solutions, we proudly offer ASSA ABLOY systems. As door experts, we can help you specify, design, install and maintain all your facility hardware.
Door Access Security - ASSA ABLOY

Consultative Services + Comprehensive Products = Complete Solutions

ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions offers many services to assist you on your next project. Whether it’s new construction or a retrofit application, help is available for all phases of your project, from design to execution:

  • Architectural Specifications for Division 8 and 28
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Door and Hardware Schedules
  • Shop Drawings and Submittals
  • Jobsite Inspection

Scaleable, Flexible Access Control Systems

Axis has a complete range of network video solutions including cameras and encoders, VMS and recorders, analytics and applications reduce costs, ensure scalability and simplify integration.
Handsfree Door Security Solutions

Identification & Entry

AXIS Entry Manager software is specifically for small to medium-sized needs.
Wifi Access Control Systems

Access Control

Unlike traditional access control, access control from Axis is edge-based and streamlined.
Electronic Access Controls

Axis Device Manager

Axis makes it simple to maintain and upgrade the functionality of all your cameras, even in the very largest of installations

Security Analytics

Follow industry guidelines and generate reports to improve performance and minimizing risks in your IP surveillance system.
"Protect your business with an end-to-end security solution backed up by purpose built software from the largest partner program in the industry.”

Door Control Systems

ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions® provides a full range of products and services for all end user applications

Electronic Access Control


Access Controls and Energy Efficiency

Comparing Sustainable & Traditional Doors


What type of key control is available to increase security when using a mechanical cylinder with a legacy key system?

Since this is the most basic level of protection, it’s important to choose products that enhance this security option. ASSA ABLOY offers patented key systems to prevent key duplications as well as geographic exclusivity that restricts how a key is duplicated.

What facilities are data-on-card systems best for and are they difficult to install?

Data-on-card technology is often used in multi-family housing such as condominiums and apartments, as well as assisted and senior living and mixed-use facilities. Since online openings are limited to a couple of specific locations, every person with a card gets updated access rights. There is no need to wire every door or seek IT support or equipment.

What are the different types of wired access controls available?

ASSA ABLOY offers the following main types of wired access controls: ● Integrated Wiegand which is best for exterior doors and main entrances as well as high-security openings. ● Power over Ethernet (PoE) Access Control Solutions which is commonly used in labs and dorms.

What are the benefits of using intelligent keys?

Intelligent keys are preferred because they can simply be turned off at any time and eliminate access to unwanted visitors. When standard keys are lost or stolen, all locks need to be re-keyed and keys must be replaced which costs money and time. Since power and programming are done through the intelligent key, there are no wiring, door, or frame changes needed and keys can be re-programmed from any location at any time.

How does Intelligent Wi-Fi Access Control work?

This type of system provides complete access control and is beneficial in areas where it would be too expensive or difficult to install a wired lock. With the device only being installed on the door and programmed to leverage your existing wireless network you will save installation time and costs. There are scheduled and user-initiated updates, therefore manual programming is not necessary.

What are the benefits of the Highly Intelligent Opening?

The goal of the Highly Intelligent Opening is to get more out of the components as well as easier maintenance and management. Benefits include increased security and system performance as well as fewer costs and time for maintenance and enhanced customer service levels.

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