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Axis Communications offers end-to-end solutions for surveillance. As an Axis partner, Progress can provide you with a complete security system, tailored to your organizational needs.
Axis Communications Security Systems
Access Control Systems by Axis Communications

End-to-end security solutions for a smarter, safer world

Keep your large or complex site safe with an advanced access control security and surveillance solution based on Axis’ open IP products. Combine them with hardware and software from our wide range of partners to create a customized or specialized solution that meets your business and operational needs – whether it is for an airport, public transportation, city surveillance, or any other complex installation.

Scaleable, Flexible Access Control Systems

Axis has a complete range of network video solutions including cameras and encoders, video management systems (VMS), and recorders, analytics and applications reduce costs, ensure scalability and simplify integration.

Identification & Entry

AXIS Entry Manager software is specifically for small to medium-sized needs.

Access Control

Unlike traditional access control, access control from Axis is edge-based and streamlined.
Axis Device Manager

Axis Device Manager

Axis makes it simple to maintain and upgrade the functionality of all your cameras, even in the very largest of installations
Axis Analytics for Security

Security Analytics

Follow industry guidelines and generate reports to improve performance and minimizing risks in your IP surveillance system.
"Protect your business with an end-to-end security solution backed up by purpose built software from the largest partner program in the industry.”
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Access Control Systems

Flexible, Cost-Effective and Innovative Security

Why Axis Control Systems

Axis Control Portfolio Overview

Speaker: AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller is a truly open access control system. Our portfolio offers a range of access control products. At the front gate, AXIS A1001 together with an application running on the network camera enables access control through license plate recognition. This gives you control over outer premises like parking lots and loading docks. With card readers as part of your access control solution, you can easily monitor access to your facility. The readers are designed for both outdoor and indoor usage and support most smart card formats.

Access network video door stations have the benefit of audio-visual identification, giving reliable entry control for visitors and daily deliveries. With our door stations, you can easily identify a visitor and open the door regardless of where you are. Our network I/O relay modules enhance network security systems and give a higher level of control. AXIS A9188 is particularly useful for integrating with AXIS A1001 in elevator systems for floor access management.

AXIS network I/O relay modules offer endless possibilities when it comes to monitoring and triggering actions in various situations such as controlling the lights and other electrical hardware in your building. In our access control portfolio, you’ll find door controllers, door stations, I/O modules, readers, and access cards. The access portfolio is based on open standards and our open platforms making it flexible and scalable to meet your changing demands.

Safety with IP Security Systems

Speaker 1: Avenues is not your average school. Its educational philosophy is based on innovation and focuses on students’ individualities. Avenues believes in nurturing a child’s creativity through the use of digital tools in a barrier free environment. This same philosophy also guides their approach to safety and security technology.

Lia Muschellack: We started to conceive an IP video surveillance system that was flexible, scalable, and supported embedded analytics. More than 340 cameras help security teams ensure student and staff safety during all activities, both inside and outside. Details are visualized in scenarios with complex lighting, as well as in darkness. Using efficient video compression technology, the cameras reduce storage requirements by 30%, they also protect personal integrity with a high level of cybersecurity.

Lia: Our students’ privacy is key for everyone to understand this school is a safe environment.

Speaker 1: The project is not limited to video surveillance of the building alone. The entire property is safeguarded by a perimeter protection solution. It’s a virtual shield that automatically detects intruders and avoids false alarms. Understanding the benefits of an open and flexible platform, the Avenue’s IT department quickly adopted an IP-based access control system from Axis.

Lia: The key differentiator of this system is that it is decentralized. Traditional hybrid accessible full systems don’t offer this level of flexibility.

Speaker 1: With a de-centralized operation, if the switch suffers a temporary failure at a specific floor, it doesn’t affect other floors. 46 access card readers regulate access to restricted areas and Vandal Resistant Network Video Intercoms facilitate remote visitor entry and two way communication. Avenues plans to use the additional access possibilities through QR code technology for events at the school.
They have also opted for an accessibility kit to help people with disabilities. Connecting all of these devices is a network door controller.

Lia: The door controllers are PoE, which reduced our investment in cabling and simplified installation.

Speaker 1: The project, as conceived by Avenues, also contemplates new technologies such as facial recognition. The idea is to keep a barrier free environment, but at the same time to know who is inside the school at any moment. The school also plans to install an IP-based public address system for prerecorded and live messaging. It’s a system that also integrates with the school’s video surveillance and access control technology.

24Storage - Improving the Experience

Michael Fogelberg: 24Storage is a self-storage company developing and managing self storage. When we started up 24Storage, we wanted to change the model how we were selling and communicating with our customer. We looked at several aspects of it. It was not just one thing we would need to change. We wanted to make it simple for the customers, we wanted to be able to serve our customers more hours and that’s when we started to look at different technology solutions in order to be able to achieve that.

Joel Sahlen: When we met 24Storage the first time, they had been around looking for a solution that can meet their demands, their demands of scalability, and their demands in open platform. Total Security develops new systems by combining technology within the security market. For example, video surveillance and access control and combine them to a new product that we can deliver to a customer that adds value to their installations.

Michael: We chose access equipment because it was IP based and also enabled us to scale the business. Enabled to scale the model without limitations. We needed equipment that worked all the time, that is reliable and that can be used at many locations at the same time. One of the first things looking at the new platform was to get the access control to work on IP and that’s when we used the access solution.

Traditionally, we’ve had local computers with local MaaXBoards, local, et cetera, that needed service and maintenance. That was one of the key aspects we wanted to move away from and to have it simple. Now we have a door control at each door and it’s very simple and it’s very easy to install, and it’s very easy to maintain. Another aspect that we wanted to have was an IP-based camera system and that’s where we selected access that we feel have moved to the next level and that’s important for us.

Joel: The solution that we delivered to 24Sstorage is IP based. We use both cameras and access control. We may use audio system to deliver new fully integrated system for 24Storage. A system that they can grow with, a system that they can add new components to and add new functionalities to, as it’s open.

Michael: The next level for us is obviously using the data that we’re getting from their equipment to get smarter and better. Using artificial intelligence, using tools that are available today and to evolve it further. Everything from facial recognition, to stats that we have available in our systems but use it be smarter. When changing the way you grow a business, you constantly are learning. You’re learning how to better use your equipment. That’s also key to use partners that will scale with you, that scales with the business, that will evolve because that’s how the industry will grow.

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