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Speaker: Alarm, everybody out, but why are the doors closed? And why can’t the employees get into their office? With proper access control, this kind of thing won’t happen. Jim, from the Bosch sales team, knows how important this subject is. For his new customer, the goal is to create the ideal access control solution for a large office building. Jim knows the products well. The two software, APE and ACE, the access modular controller, a wide range of readers and many different cards and key fobs. Since it is a large, more complex project, Jim decides to recommend ACE. Of course, the customer may start out with AP initially and then choose ACE for a larger solution later on. The hardware would remain the same.

Both solutions are future-proof thanks to their built-in scalability via expansions, and both offer the possibility of integrating other solutions. Among others, this access engine integrates visitor, carpark, video, or key and asset management solutions. Of course, the overall solution is highly reliable. For example, with ACE, thanks to an additional security layer, if the workstation fails, the controllers still communicate with each other and share necessary information from the readers.

APE offers effective security through many security checkpoints. From badge enrollment and entrance control, to alarm management with video verification. Once the software is selected, Jim agrees with the customer on the reader technology and credentials. Then Jim decides on the number of controls, and let the installation begin. Jim and Bosch, experts in access control. Scalability, integration, reliability.

Bosch Access Controls

Investing in the right technology is central to the protection of your employees, site visitors, and ultimately the success of your company. While you naturally want your business premises to be as open and welcoming as possible you need to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized intruders.

Reliable, versatile, scalable

Access Control is a key pillar of today’s security. The growing need to control access to and within buildings and areas, more flexible working time models, and the limitations of mechanical locks make a modern and reliable access control system indispensable.


Comprehensive and Flexible Solutions

Bosch Access Controls includes control components from different software options and controllers to a wide range of readers and credentials to comply with your individual needs. State of the art security features and encryption functionalities make sure your data is protected and privacy regulations are fulfilled.

Access Control Software

Bosch carries software solutions for medium to large-sized projects such as offices or healthcare facilities. The Access Professional Edition is the ideal choice for entry-level projects such as office buildings or retail stores. All of the software alternatives work with their Access Modular Controller and can be combined with the wide range of our reader and credential portfolio.


Rethinking Video Surveillance Security

Bosch’s goal is to develop intelligent solutions that go beyond the highest security demands of today and deliver clear business advantages beyond security. The logical next-step for security is to enable customers to interpret the data to start repurposing these huge amounts of video data. The ability to interpret video data directly at the source helps to substantially improve levels of security, as well as offering clear business advantages.


What Access Control software options do Bosch offer?

Bosch offers three software options based on your needs. For stadiums, airports, and other large projects, The Access Engine of the Building Integration is the recommended ideal access control software solution. For places such as offices or healthcare facilities, the Access Management System is more suitable. Finally, The Access Professional Edition is for the simplest of needs such as offices and retail stores.

How does the Anti-Passback access control work? What does it prevent?

Consider this scenario as an example of how Anti-Passback access control works. One person scans his badge to get into an access controlled area while a second person is not authorized to enter. If the first person hands his badge to the unauthorized person, Anti-Passback ensures that re-entry is only possible if the cardholder had checked out before or a specific time was over. If those criteria are not met, the second user is denied access.

How do your Access Modular Controllers work?

Access Modular Controllers work by independently authorizing checks on access points. They also control the closing and opening parts and can detect movement even when offline. They are made to work with APE, AMS, and BIS-ACE systems and support Wiegand technology as well as RS-485/OSDPv2 secure channel.

How are onboarding and administrative functions handled for employees and executives (e.g. VIPs)?

Bosch uploads cardholder information like PIN codes, biometric features, data, and a photo with one enrollment dialog. VIPs can get special configurations that allow them to permanently open a door or automatically call an elevator when they come in. All cardholders can get more than one card and three alert cards if needed.

How are high-threat levels handled?

An attack or fire can be classified as a high-level threat. When this type of situation happens, the function of the doors can change when the operator at the workstation pushes an emergency button or uses a specially configured emergency card. Within seconds, safety measures are put into place. Doors can be preset to go into different modes like being permanently open or locked down.

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