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The Genetec Synergis IP access control system (ACS) supports the most versatile portfolio of access control hardware in the security industry. Deeply integrated with a wide range of IP door controllers, IP locks, and PoE-enabled edge devices, the Synergis system allows you to choose the hardware that best meets your organization’s unique physical security needs. And, through an ever-expanding ACS partner ecosystem, you can rest assured that Genetec will help preserve your security investment over the lifetime of your system.

Video Surveillance

Unified Video Surveillance

Unify video with other core security systems such as access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), intrusion monitoring, and communications. Get a common operating picture by navigating between multiple sites and monitoring all your entities on a single interface.

Automated Video Security

Rely on insights and smart data to respond to what matters and automate everything else. Our suite of unified video analytics helps you understand the situation at hand, so you can react quicker and improve your daily operations.

Data Protection

Ensure full protection of your video, data, and communications. With at-rest and in-transit encryption, managed certificates, authenticated connectivity, and automated anonymization of video streams, you can ensure privacy without sacrificing security.

Omnicast by Genetec

Omnicast lets you grow your system over time, allowing you to add devices and technologies from a variety of manufacturers. Beyond capturing reliable and usable evidence, it lets you see and understand your environment.

Our VMS is modular and scalable, and lets you:

  • Automate security, maintenance, and forensic operations with unified modules and 3rd party integrations
  • Unify intercoms with your system for visual identification
  • Anonymize everyone captured on live and recorded video
  • Monitor video on dynamic maps, web, and mobile applications
  • Automate workflows and standard operating procedures (SOPs) with our decision management system and its rules engine
  • Unify video management with physical access control
  • Associate license plate recognition events with other surveillance cameras
  • Get a global view and centralize the operations of all your sites
  • Backup your video recordings in secured cloud storage 
  • Visually verify asset and financial transactions

Multi-Purpose Technology

Genetec strives to create and maintain thriving public spaces, groups, including urban planners, city managers, security experts, enterprise executives, and community leaders, must work together to achieve true public safety. And a cornerstone of this open and collaborative approach is the development and implementation of multipurpose technology.

Security Center Omnicast™

Security Center Omnicast™ is an IP video management solution (VMS) that gives you a clear picture of events and empowers you to quickly react to threats. The system scales with your needs and lets you take advantage of the latest hardware and analytics technologies. With a smarter approach to video, your operations and security improve over time, helping you to take better, more informed decisions.

Speaker: We start everyday with a simple belief that we will thrive despite the frantic nature of our lives. That the obstacles, the long lines, lost packages, and late takeoffs can be avoided. That everything will flow. Making sure a day is ordinary is no small task. The variables are always changing. Savvy leaders know the best systems are resilient, connected, creating value as information leaves. To achieve these ideal conditions, security experts need the right tools. At Genetec, we think security in our environments goes beyond safety.

It’s a larger idea. With our partners, we build systems that let us better understand our businesses and ultimately, the world around us. Simply put, we safely guide the everyday flow of information, commerce, transportation, and most importantly, people, challenging the unknown so you don’t think twice about going to a class, rushing across town for a meeting, getting ready for the long haul or ending the day with the ones who matter most. As we look into a future, where the rate of change will only increase, Genetec’s commitment will always be to protect the everyday.

Speaker: Understanding your security needs and determining the right level of investment to make in a video surveillance system can be a challenge. Whether you want to install surveillance at one site or oversee operations across many geographical locations, it’s important to select a solution that can meet the needs of your organization today and tomorrow. For over 15 years, Genetec Omnicast has been fulfilling the needs of security professionals like you who are looking for an open and scalable IP-based video management system.

Omnicast integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure no matter what the IT environment, and allows you to optimize the use of your network resources all while maximizing uptime. With built-in high availability, your video will be viewable and accessible at all times. With a seamless view of cameras and security alarms, Omnicast enables operators to rapidly respond to incidents and equips them with powerful search and reporting tools to help accelerate investigations.

Whether sitting at a desk or in the field, your team has immediate access to video and alarms through a variety of platforms. Omnicast supports thousands of IP cameras from industry-leading manufacturers, a broad ecosystem that ensures your investment will be secure and that your business grows with the latest technologies. See the big picture. Start here. Start with Omnicast.

Security Center Synergis

The Security Center Synergis™ IP access control system (ACS) heightens the security of your organization and increases your readiness to respond to incidents and threats, while leveraging any existing network and security equipment investments. With advanced security measures and support for an ever-growing number of 3rd party access control devices, the Synergis system gives you the confidence to protect your people and assets.






Speaker: Choosing an access control system is a business-critical decision that will impact your organization for years to come. You need to be able to look into the future. How will technology trends change? What new operational needs might arise? How will this new system integrate with all other systems you have? Synergis is an IP based access control system that was built to handle the needs of a modern growing business like yours.

Synergis re-approaches access control as an IP native application that works in concert with your broader video and intrusion systems. You no longer need to choose software and hardware that marches and step with one vendor. Synergis opens up a world of non-proprietary choices from an ever-expanding array of ecosystem partners. This means you have more choices when it comes to expanding your system with less chance of your office filling up with obsolete hardware.

From cardholder management to printing badges and running investigative reports, Synergis is a powerful day-to-day ally. When an unexpected event or threat occurs, Synergis seamlessly and effectively restricts access or triggers emergency procedures with ease, all of the while keeping a detailed record of activities to facilitate reporting. With Synergis, you have assured access and complete control. Start every day with confidence. Start with Synergis.

The seamless movement of people through an organization is integral to its success but oftentimes, it’s the little things that cause issues. Access requests and visitor management can take up valuable operator time and can hit a company’s productivity.

Typically, access control systems are static and not linked to company policies.

Genetec ClearID is a smarter way to manage access. People’s identities are centrally managed and maintained by the individual.

It can be deployed quickly and with ease because it’s unified with our access control security software synergies. On-demand access requests are automatically granted, denied, or swiftly routed to the right person for review.

It helps to make your operators more efficient and to make your organization more compliant and secure.

Providing visitor access can be a labor-intensive process for front desk staff. Using ClearID simplifies this task.

As part of the workflow, you can log in to invite a guest to a meeting. Once the visit is approved, your guest receives a confirmation email. When the guest shows up, they check in to complete registration and notify their host. A security audit from external regulators can mean manually requesting reports from the security department.

With ClearID, area owners can either revoke or grant access to individuals or groups at any time.

It’s a simple process that means auditing is easier and can be done autonomously within minutes, helping them follow access policies and stay compliant. Wherever you’re based, whether it’s a corporate office, manufacturing plant, or multi-national, ClearID can help your day-to-day run smoother.

It’s a seamless transition away from the complexities of manually managing cardholders and visitors.

Genetec ClearID, keeping organizations moving with confidence.

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