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Organizations of any size require dependable, innovative access control systems to secure their facilities. For decades, HID has enabled millions of people to easily access offices, hospitals, classrooms, and more. From entry-level smart card technologies to modern solutions like HID Mobile Access, HID and Progress Security are here help your organization find the best solution for its needs.

Access Control Systems

Industry's widest selection of open, smart-card-based credentials

Flexible, open-architecture controllers to deliver security at the door and beyond

Monitor the real-time location of employees, visitors, and assets

Secure, convenient access control using a mobile device

Best-in-class readers for access control and biometric applications

Enable a safer, healthier workplace with touchless access control solutions

Biometric Authentication Controls

  • Provides superior biometric security in real-world environments, irrespective of physical conditions or users’ race, gender, or age
  • Includes world-class liveness detection, spoof prevention, and proof of life
  • Utilizes the highest level of tamper-proofing and data encryption for data integrity

Government Access Controls (pivCLASS®)

Enables government facilities to comply with security regulations, and allows personnel to use their Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card and other smart cards for physical access control.


How can HID help me understand occupancy rates and efficiencies?

Understanding occupancy rates and efficiencies is easy with HID Location services because you can visually identify visitors and employees. You can also get information on the history of the space and room used over time. This is helpful because you can make sure you are complying with health and safety laws such as maximum room occupancy rules.

How does HID Location Services achieve real-time workplace effectiveness?

HID Location Services achieves real-time workplace effectiveness by combining both a hardware and software solution. This helps to bring actionable occupancy data that relates to the need of the facility and can be expanded.

Since there is integration with third-party systems, you will know when anyone enters or exits the building. This lets you know the occupancy of the building, on a floor, or in a room as well as set up virtual security zones. You can also set up automated alerts for any violations and find people in case of emergency.

What options are available to help manage assets?

HID Location Services allows you to track assets using a historical path location within 2-meter accuracy. This can help your organization operate more efficiently by saving time and finding the items needed to get the job done.

What is the BLE Beacon Bridge?

The BLE Beacon Bridge provides a dashboard that has reporting capabilities, such as real-time reporting by location and historical reporting that can be set to a specific timeframe. This allows you to decide when and where resources are needed as well as get notified when an unauthorized person enters a virtual zone. You will also know where occupants are located. This is important in case of an emergency.

Why do HID Location Services not depend on policies, security revolving doors, or turnstiles?

HID Location Services does not depend on policies, security revolving doors, or turnstiles because it observes entries and exits into a building or floor. It even keeps track of entries through an access control point without the right credentials.

This will let you know if anyone is following people into the building. You also receive instant last-known location information about how many people are on a floor or in a virtual zone. This information allows you to better plan for emergencies, and take precautions to protect personnel and property.

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