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XProtect© + Arcules

A flexible hybrid video surveillance solution for the fast deployment of remote sites. Cut down on IT resources and downtime and centralize your video surveillance operation with this feature-rich solution.

Benefits of the Arcules Video Management Solution

  • Coordination of your video surveillance and security
  • You can operate in multiple geographically dispersed sites from one larger security hub or headquarter.
  • Due to the flexibility and agility of the Arcules solution, the solution is ideal for organizations with a large number of relatively small distributed sites that are coordinated with an on-premise XProtect VMS system.

Control Your Operating Costs

  • Leverage cloud architecture for small or remote sites
  • Shorten deployment and training time for your remote site installations
  • Cut down on total system costs
  • Erase the need for expensive hardware at remote sites

Efficiently Maintain Distributed Sites

  • Set up, configure, and maintain smaller distributed sites quickly and remotely
  • Eliminate the need for extra operator training.
  • Automatically synchronize and propagate alarms between Arcules VSaaS and XProtect
  • Streamline training and maintenance with Arcules’ cloud service automatic software updates.
  • Reduce the need for onsite service visits

Scale and Deploy with VsaaS

  • Access the entire system via XProtect Smart Client, XProtect Smart Wall, XProtect Web Client, and XProtect Mobile
  • Use any XProtect client to view live streams from Arcules VsaaS-connected cameras and playback/export recordings stored in Arcules VSaaS
  • Experience low latency compared to other cloud solutions

Arcules – XProtect Hybrid VMS Solution

The integration of XProtect’s on-premise VMS and Arcules Video Surveillance is a powerful hybrid solution for centralizing your video surveillance operation.

XProtect on AWS

With XProtect available on AWS Marketplace, the installation of an XProtect solution is just a few clicks away. Without worrying about hardware investment and maintenance.


What type of customers will benefit from the solution?

Customers who need to coordinate their video surveillance and security in different locations into one larger hub will benefit the most. It is ideal for groups with many small distributed sites that are coordinated with an on-prem XProtect VMS system.

This includes existing XProtect customers who want to cover smaller and remote locations with video surveillance as well as new customers who are looking for ways that their main facilities can cover remote locations. Customers that include security operators and monitoring stations that offer managed security services also benefit.

Are there any limitations in the native XProtect functions for Arcules VSaaS cameras?

Although most video management functions that XProtect Corporate offers will be available for Arcules VSaaS cameras, there are some limitations. Any transmission of live streams from the Arcules VSaaS service to the XProtect VMS system should be avoided because several functions will not work.

There will be no support for the microphone, speaker, Metadata, Input/Output because only the camera will be supported. Any features that are based on a live feed in XProtect are not supported as well as features that rely on recording in XProtect. Centralized Search for motion metadata is not supported nor are MIP Plugins from camera vendors that enhance video setup or de-warp (360).

Bookmarks are supported in the XProtect Corporate system but will get separated from the video storage in the Arcules VSaaS service. Any bookmarks you have will fall under the XProtect Corporate system, while the video will be under the VSaaS subscription. PTZ cameras are also not supported by Arcules.

What key functionalities does the solution deliver?

The solution offers users the scalability of VSaaS and the functions of on-premise VMS. The goal is to use minimal IT resources and downtime to deploy remote sites. VSaaS offers flexible pricing and requires minimal hardware so users can save money.

What are the key benefits of the Arcules-XProtect Hybrid VMS Solution?

There are three key benefits of using the Arcules-XProtect Hybrid VMS Solution. First, it saves you money when it comes to the initial investment, as well as with operational costs. Training times are shorter, there is a shorter deployment, and there is less hardware involved. Since video is stored in the Arcules VSaaS service at all times, you don’t need extra server hardware.

There is also no extra service charge to connect cameras to an on-prem XProtect VMS system. Secondly, it's easy to use. You can set up, configure, and maintain smaller distributed sites quickly. You also don't have to worry about training operators on new equipment because Arcules VSaaS cameras and alarms work the same as XProtect native cameras. Reduce onsite services by using Arcules’ cloud service automatic software updates.

Finally, there are many features to enjoy. Some of these include being able to have the scalability of VSaaS with XProtect's strong native capabilities. Users can also view live streams from Arcules VSaaS connected cameras and playback. Recording stored in Arcules VSaaS can be exported using any XProtect client. Users also like having the same vast variety of camera brands in the Arcules VSaaS service and the on-prem XProtect VMS system.

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