Staying Safe at Summer Events: Temporary Security Solutions

Staying Safe at Summer Events Temporary Security Solutions

The summer months bring a wide variety of outdoor events like concerts, festivals, fairs, and sports tournaments. While these community gatherings are fun ways to enjoy nice weather, they also present new security challenges in unfamiliar environments. As an event organizer or attendee, it is important to have the proper temporary security measures in place.

1. Crowd Control & Monitoring

Large crowds mean reduced visibility and opportunities for undesirable activities to slip under the radar. Consider using perimeter fencing to help direct foot traffic and segment off controlled access areas. Portable security cameras on tripods or drone footage can also assist in monitoring the full scope of an event from any command center location.

2. Access Control & Identification

For ticketed or VIP access areas, use roll-up barricades paired with security staff checking credentials at openings. Printed wristbands in multiple colors coded by entrance/amenity permissions simplify on-site access verification. Some providers also offer RFID or NFC ticket solutions that integrate with temporary turnstiles.

3. Screening & Detection

While full pat-downs may not be appropriate, renting walk-through metal detectors helps uncover prohibited items at entrances in a non-invasive manner. Portable wands can supplement as needed. For large events, drive-through truck screening with scanners provides an additional layer of preventative screening.

4. Lighting & Visibility

Proper lighting deters unwanted behavior and assists emergency response if necessary. Consider supplemental tower lights, floodlights, or string lighting to illuminate all areas after sunset. Portable lighting solutions running on batteries are also available for areas without power.

Trust Progress Security Systems for comprehensive temporary security solutions to safely manage crowds and access for your summer festivals and events.

With the proper temporary security layering, summer festivals and activities can stay a safe space to create community memories. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance planning or setting up effective security for your next outdoor event!